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Reclamation Program - Claim Validation
JN Phillips Auto Glass

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JN Phillips Auto Glass / GreenShield Reclamation Program

Reclamation Program - Claim Validation
Number: 30352-4200
Certification Status: Certified
Certification Period(s) 5/2013 - 5/2017
Facility: JN Phillips GreenShield Reclamation Facility, 68 Hopkinton Road, Westborough, MA
Claim: GreenShield by JN Phillips is a UL Environment validated auto-glass reclamation program.
Method: ECV Reclamation Facility

Manufacturer's Description:

The JN Phillips GreenShield Reclamation facility is a storage and loading center for 100% of the volume of JN Phillips’ post-consumer windshields. Broken windshields from JN Phillips retail locations are picked up and brought to this centralized facility where they are aggregated, separated from other operations at the facility, and readied for shipment to a recycling facility. The facility is run by an independent recycling partner of JN Phillips. GreenShield Reclamation Program

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